Stepmommin 102: The New & Improved Ultimate Survival Guide for all Stepmoms

This is NOT your typical Stepmom course!! This is EVERYTHING you need to know as a Stepmom!

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What is Stepmommin' 102??

This is the New & Improved Ultimate Survival Guide for Today's Stepmom!

But what does that mean exactly?

This massive course holds EVERYTHING you need to know as a Stepmom!!

Once your done with this course you will TOTALLY ROCK this "stepmom" thing!

Just Picture This...

>>>Knowing Exactly WHO You Truly Are & LOVING YOU!

>>>Being Completely Secure With Yourself, So Much That Even The EX-Wife Doesn't Phase You!

>>>Your Marriage Is Flourishing Better Than Ever!

>>>You & Your Spouse Actually AGREEING on Topics Concerning Your Step Family!

>>>NOT Fighting Over Your Step Children's VS Bio Children's Behaviors or Actions

>>>NOT Feeling Stresses, Insecure or Jealous When The EX Topic Surfaces

>>>NOT Being Consumed By Annoying Stepmom Stressors

>>>Being Able to Attend or even Host Joint Family Events LIKE A BOSS!!

>>>Being able to HAVE a an actual relationship with the Bio Mom that doesn't make you CRINGE!

>>>Having a GOOD Co-parenting Relationship that causes you ZERO Stress or Drama!

Can you even begin to picture any of those situations taking place as your step family is right now??

If you answered no about any of them, then you are in the RIGHT place!!

All of the above scenarios are MORE than possible!!! When you finish this course those scenarios will be a REALITY for you and your entire blended family!

Your probably wondering how I know how to make all of that stuff possible or how I can Make Such things REALITIES in your life, huh?

That's because I was in the EXACT spot you are in now, 4 years ago! Yes, I have been a mom and a stepmom for 4 years and I am still learning new ways to be a better Mom + Stepmom and Wife, every single day.

BUT before I learned How to Rock at being a Stepmom, I had to tackle the BIG humps! I had to find strategies and tools to overcome my current issues,a plan that would work before I could even begin bettering myself, my role as a Mom and Stepmom, and as a wife!

Now, I want to take what I learned from my personal experience and

Help You Tackle YOUR Big Humps!

What does the Stepmommin' 102 course cover?


Section 1: All About YOU!!

(All of the content from my course: Embracing Your Imperfect Perfectness as a Bonus Mom)

>>Discovering who YOU really are

>>Learning to LOVE that Woman!

>>Transforming your life to be able to Live the BEST Version of YOUR Life Possible, Right NOW!

>>& SO much More!

Plus you get a free printable Self Care Starter Kit & Printable Routine Chart for your Self Care Regimes!

Section 2:The Foundation of your Family

>>Making your Marriage FIRST once again!

>>Learning to Really Communicate With Your Spouse

>>Setting Respectful Boundaries in your Marriage

>>Create a Game-plan for a Successful Future as a Family!

>>>Laying the Foundation for Your Blended Family

>>>Establishing Roles & Healthy Boundaries for Each Member of your family!

>>Learn How to Communicate Effectively with the Kids!

>>Steps and Tips for Starting & Holding Regular Family Meetings

The Truth About the Stepmom Role:

>>Learn What Stepmom Stressors ARE & What Triggers Them!

>>Learn How to Deal With Society as a Stepmom & Stepfamily!

>>Tips for Reducing Stress!

>>Learn The Stepmom Realities We all Need to Know!

Section 3:The EX Wife(aka Bio Mom)

(All the content from my course "The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Healthy Relationship with your stepchild's Bio Mom")

>>Realizing Our Stepparent Duties

>>Learn the Main Keys to Meeting the Bio Mom

>>Learn How Your Perspective Does Matter!

>>The Bottom Line

>>What Your Goals Should Be For This!

>>How to Set Boundaries you Both Can Accept & Agree With!

>>Create & Execute the Perfect Game-plan to Create a Healthy & Lasting Relationship with her!

Section 4: Smart Step-parenting

>>Tips for Making Your Stepfamily Successful!

>>How High Conflict Parenting Can Affect your Entire Family!

>>Dealing with Extended Family Members

>>Practicing the 5 Love Languages with Both Your Spouse & Kids & how it can benefit you all!

>>Understanding and Dealing with "Loyalty" Conflicts

>>Learn How to Negotiate Shared Time(Custody Issues)

>>Learn HOW to Parent Children of Stepfamilies

>>Learn How to Properly Bond with your stepchildren!

>>See How to Deal with Step-Sibling Rilvary!

>>Learn How to Plan Family Activities

>>Learn & Practice being a Good Role Model!

>>Learn How to Adjust Your Blended Families Routine

>>Learn How to Agree on Financial Concerns

>>See What are Normal Adjustments for Stepfamilies & How to Deal with them!

>.What to do When Nothing Seems to Work within your Blended Family & Find Workable Solutions

>>Learn How and Why to Use Time Management

>>Learn Why Self-Care is Crucial & Learn How to Practice it Regularly

>>Why you Need a Support System as a Stepmom & How to Find a Good One!

When you Complete this Course you Will be able to Successfully:

>>>Deal With Your Own Insecurities and Flaws & Learn to LOVE Yourself Anyway!

>>>STOP Allowing the Small Stuff To Consume You

>>>Be a Confident and Happy Wife, Mom, and Stepmom!

>>>Create & Keep a Healthy Relationship With His Ex-the Bio Mom!

>>>Handle (Non)stepmoms Judgments & Gossip Like a BOSS!

>>>Love & ROCK Your Role a Stepmom!!

>>>LOVE and Enjoy Your Marriage After Blending Your Family

>>>Co-parent Effectively

>>>Be a Happy Stepmom & Stop Caring SO Much(about things that don't truly matter)

Who Should Take This Course?

>>Struggling Stepmoms Who WANT a Change In Her Step Family But Can't Seem to Find the Right Route to Take to Make an Actual Change

>>>Stepmoms Who Find Themselves Going Day-to-Day Worrying Sick About Step family Affairs

>>>Stepmoms Who Feel as if Her Marriage is Suffering Due to Step Family Drama

>>>Stepmoms Who Feel Overwhelmed

>>>Stepmoms Who Feel as if She Has Lost "Herself" Since Becoming a Stepmom

>>>Stepmoms Who Are Ready to STOP Caring so Much and START Loving Her Life Once Again

>>>Woman who Want to Completely Rock at Being a Stepmom!!!

Is that YOU??

Are YOU ready for the CHANGE that NEEDS to happen??

Join the New & Improved Stepmommin' 102 Today!!

What's Included in Stepmommin' 102?

>>>17 Modules filled with explosive content that will ignite the fire within you that you've needed to succeed all along! Along with a 2 printable workbook's that go alongside the course..

>>>Downloads & printable's that will help your whole family blend easier!

>>>Content directed at helping you define the stepmom stressors that bind you and the specific triggers so that you can prevent them

>>>Projects that help you become a happier and more carefree stepmom

>>>Tips and Life Lessons learned from being a stepmom for 4 years plus a child of a ugly divorce mixed with also being a mom and on the other side of the fence from stepmoms, that I want to pass onto you!

>>>Access to a Brand New Private Stepmom Community!

>>>Invite to My Private Facebook Group where you have access to personalized tips and advice, basically continuous FREE coaching from me!

>>>Forever accessible content + free updates when available

>>>Tools & Strategies you can always rely on and come back to when needed

Are You Convinced yet?

Don't Let Another Day, Heck Another, Second Pass, by Feeling Not Good Enough or Being Dissatisfied and Unhappy in Your Stepmom Role!

Enroll in Stepmommin' 102: The New & Improved Ultimate Survival Guide for All Stepmoms, Today; Change Your Life Forever!

This course is a great interactive step by step guide for stepmoms, whether you're a new one or one with some experience. You can always gain more knowledge to help with your situation. No blended family is without some hiccups, and this guide definitely gave my and mine some helpful tidbits that might make it an easier transition. Give it a go! You won't be disappointed!

-Jessica D

Your Instructor

Ashlee Martin
Ashlee Martin

Hey! I'm Ashlee the Author and Creator of A Blended Momma! I am a Mom + Stepmom x3, Wife, and Christian! I have a passion for helping others which led me to create A Blended Momma! I want to inspire you to never give up on your family! Trust in God and pray without seizing over your family and God will see you through! My Motto is Helping Moms through Motherhood and Helping Stepmoms Become Bonus Moms and both live Happier, Healthier, less Stressful lives they each LOVE!

Thank you for the course you have taught me a lot about being a Stepmom! My favorite part was the vast amount of insight from different perspectives and that this course benefits EVERY stepmom, new and prior, Stepmoms with their own kids and ones with no kids. Awesome Course!

-Martha H.

Class Curriculum

  Module 1- Section 1
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  Module 2
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  Module 4
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  Module 5
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  Module 6- Section 2
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  Module 12
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  Module 13
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Who Should Take This Course?
The only requirement for this course I would say is being an actual Stepmom! As far as which Stepmoms? I would say EVERY ONE of them! New, Existing, Stepmom-to-be this is for EVERY stage of step-motherhood, so come on!
How Long Will It Take to Complete this Course?
This is a HUGE course I won't lie! I have combined all three of previously separate courses into this ONE HUGE one, covering every topic of being a stepmom!! I wouldn't recommend speeding through the course either, I can't say for sure because its self paced, but if you did a section a day it would take 3 days.!
What If I Need Further Help with being a Stepmom?
I offer coaching for Stepmoms as well, if you would like to learn more about this feature please send me an email at ablendedmomma@gmail.com subject line "stepmom coaching" and I will respond ASAP.
What is your New Private Stepmom Community?
This is a completely exclusive, private stepmom community membership type program. You will have access to free stepmom resources, discounted services and products related, meet, connect, and engage with other Stepmoms. You will be able to ask/answer questions, give/receive advice, encouragement and support! This is a ready-made support system and judgement free "safe-haven" for all stepmoms!! Come Join Us!
When and How Will I Get My Free Month Trial Membership?
Once you enroll and have some time to start and get involved within the course I will send you an email linking to a google form that you will need to fill out, once this form is filled out by you, I will email you your login details and BOOM your in! My Facebook group you can request to join anytime!
Do you offer an affiliate program?
I do!! This course is brand new and I need all the promotion I can get! If you would like to participate in the affiliate program and make money by promoting this course then please copy this link https://goo.gl/forms/3rwdKb7i13EdF2qU2 into your browser and fill out the form. Once that is done I will contact you with further info!

Are you ready to go out and TOTALLY ROCK being a Stepmom? Ready to feel Confident in your Stepmom Role and start preparing your blended family's SUCCESSFUL future??

Come on then! Let's Go Work this Stepmom Thing LIKE A BOSS!!

Get started now!